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【新闻】澳大利亚与中国达成网络安全协议  Australia and China in pact against cyber theft   2017-04-24 17:49
  Australia has agreed a cyber security pact with Beijing under which both countries have pledged not to conduct or support the theft of intellectual property or trade secrets from each other.

【新闻】107篇中国学术论文造假遭外国期刊撤稿  Bio journal retracts 107 Chinese research papers   2017-04-24 14:28
  An international medical journal's retraction of 107 research papers from China, many of them by clinical doctors, has reignited concerns over academic credibility in the country.

【生活】和牙渍说拜拜:首款无色咖啡面世  Someone invented colorless coffee that doesn’t stain your teeth   2017-04-24 13:57
  Coffee is more popular today than ever before, but many people abstain from consuming too much of it because it can really take a toll on their pearly whites. Well, thanks to the world’s first colorless coffee, you don’t have to worry about stained teeth anymore.

【经济】阿迪达斯CEO称制造业大举回流是“幻想”  Adidas boss says large-scale reshoring is ‘an illusion’   2017-04-24 12:17
  Asia’s entrenched supply chain makes the prospect of moving significant manufacturing back to automated factories in the developed world an illusion, according to the chief executive of Adidas in comments he said applied across the sportswear industry.
  阿迪达斯(Adidas)首席执行官罗思德(Kasper Rorsted)表示,亚洲基础深厚的供应链,令制造业大举回流发达国家自动化工厂的前景成为一种幻想。他说,这一论断适用于整个运动服装行业。

【新闻】美敦促中国利用中朝贸易遏制朝鲜核野心  China’s trade with North Korea targeted by Trump   2017-04-24 10:43
  When North Korean traders give Li Jian long lists of the goods they want to buy, he checks the items against a 236-page Chinese translation of the UN sanctions imposed after Kim Jong Un’s regime conducted a fifth nuclear weapons test in September. 

【生活】没零钱?乞讨者自带二维码  No loose change? Just scan here, says beggar with a barcode   2017-04-24 08:51
  Beggars in eastern China have improved their takings by accepting donations via mobile phone.

【时尚】彩妆最新潮流“羽毛眉”横空出世 这种时尚你懂吗?  'Feather Brows' Are Here And The Internet Has A Lot Of Feelings   2017-04-24 08:51
  Some think it's fly while others … not so much.

【生活】面对逆境,谢莉尔·桑德伯格的B选项  Sheryl Sandberg Finds Comfort for Herself and Offers It to Others   2017-04-24 08:25
Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy
By Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant
226 pp. Alfred A. Knopf. $25.95.
  《B选项:面对逆境,建设恢复力,寻找快乐》(Option B: Facing Adversity Buildong Resilience, and Finding Joy)
谢莉尔·桑德伯格(Sheryl Sandberg)与亚当·格兰特(Adam Grant)著
226页,阿尔弗雷德·A·克诺夫(Alfred A. Knopf)出版,25.95美元

【新闻】中国稳步迈入国际体系  China inches towards international system — one tweak at a time   2017-04-24 06:56
  A lot can happen in a month in China — or at least in its markets. In the past four weeks, its banking regulator has launched a “regulatory windstorm” while the central bank has made the first move to ease capital controls, providing much needed liquidity to the offshore renminbi market.

【经济】朝鲜经济未被国际制裁压垮  North Korea economy bowed but not broken by sanctions   2017-04-24 06:56
  North Korea is bowed but not broken by international sanctions, according to clues gleaned by a small group of outsiders dedicated to shining a light on the reclusive Asian nation.

【科技】用人类智慧应对人工智能挑战  Only human intelligence can solve the AI challenge   2017-04-24 06:56
  A lot of big claims are made about the transformative power of artificial intelligence. But it is worth listening to some of the big warnings too. Last month, Kate Crawford, principal researcher at Microsoft Research, warned that the increasing power of AI could result in a “fascist’s dream” if the technology were misused by authoritarian regimes.
  关于人工智能的变革威力,人们提出了很多大胆的设想。但我们也有必要听听一些严重警告。上月,微软研究院(Microsoft Research)首席研究员凯特•克劳福德(Kate Crawford)警告称,如果被威权政府滥用,威力与日俱增的人工智能可能会酿成一场“法西斯梦”。

【新闻】应对黑客攻击从MBA抓起  MBAs vs hackers: leaders of the future learn to fight cyber crime   2017-04-24 06:56
  When Nuno Sebastião enrolled on the London Business School MBA programme, he looked beyond the traditional careers of consultancy and investment banking. In fact, he decided to fight hackers instead.
  当努诺•塞巴斯蒂昂(Nuno Sebastião)就读伦敦商学院(LBS) MBA课程时,他的目光超越了咨询和投行等传统职业。实际上,他决定对抗黑客。

【新闻】日本打算重启TPP  Japan set to revive Pacific pact rejected by Trump   2017-04-24 06:56
  Japan is ready to relaunch the Trans-Pacific Partnership minus the US in a shift of position that could bring the huge trade deal back from the dead.
  日本准备在美国缺席的情况下重启《跨太平洋伙伴关系协定》(Trans-Pacific Partnership,简称TPP),这一立场转变有望让这个巨大的贸易协定起死回生。

【新闻】中国“牛油果”进口飙升  Avocado imports soar as Chinese develop taste for ‘butter fruit’   2017-04-24 06:56
  China’s soaring appetite for avocados, driven by demand from its burgeoning health-conscious middle class, has made the “butter fruit” — unheard of a few years ago — the country’s star performer in the imported fruit market.

【新闻】特朗普转向 美愿重启TTIP谈判  US opens door to reviving trade talks with EU   2017-04-24 06:56
  Donald Trump’s top trade official has opened the door to reviving trade negotiations with the EU but warned the bloc it will be in competition with China and Japan to show willingness to do the first deal with the new US administration.
  美国总统唐纳德•特朗普(Donald Trump)的最高贸易官员开启了与欧盟(EU)恢复贸易谈判的大门,但警告欧盟:它需要与中国和日本展开竞争,以证明自己愿意首先与特朗普政府达成协议。

【生活】如何维系婚姻?拥抱改变  To Stay Married, Embrace Change   2017-04-24 06:31
  A couple of years ago, it seemed as if everyone I knew was on the verge of divorce.

【商业】中国富豪将收购英国雷丁足球队  Red flags were raised over Reading FC’s Chinese suitors   2017-04-21 16:36
  The prominent Chinese businesspeople behind a proposed takeover of Reading Football Club were previously subject to a Premier League investigation that raised “red flags” over their commercial background.
  对雷丁足球俱乐部(Reading Football Club)拟议中的收购交易幕后的著名中国商人,此前曾受到英超(Premier League)调查,对其商业背景“亮起红灯”。

【教育】英镑贬值导致留学英国成本大降  Falling pound saves foreign students up to 20% on UK fees   2017-04-21 13:52
  The fall in the pound’s value since Brexit has reduced the cost of UK degrees for international students by up to a fifth, but also made low-wage jobs less attractive to foreign workers, new analysis has shown.

【电影】速度与激情9:《速激》系列路在何方  'Fast 9': Where the franchise must go after 'Fate of the Furious'   2017-04-21 13:24
  It really is only natural that Dom and his crew head to space.

【科技】太阳系外40光年处发现的“超级地球”有望孕育生命  ‘Super-Earth’ found 40 light years away is best chance of finding life outsi   2017-04-21 13:17
  Point a high-powered telescope at the constellation Cetus, the sea monster, and it is just possible to make out a dim red dwarf star shining in the tail.

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