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Beijing bans property ads in push to cool prices

来源:FT中文网    2017-04-13 06:12

        Beijing’s city government has told property websites to take down advertisements promising investment returns or even good feng shui amid an escalating drive to cool prices in the capital’s bubbling housing market.        北京市政府通知房地产网站撤下承诺投资回报、甚至风水好的广告。目前当局正加紧采取行动,为泛起泡沫的首都房地产市场降温。
        Sites have until midnight tonight to delete ads saying a home will rise in value, or mentioning “feng shui and other feudal superstitions”.        各网站必须在4月12日24时前撤下包含“升值”或提及“风水等封建迷信”内容的广告。
        Chinese officials have warned in recent months of the risk of bubbles developing in the world’s biggest property market, where prices rose roughly 30 per cent last year in top cities such as Beijing and Shanghai.        最近几个月,中国官员就全球最大房地产市场出现泡沫的风险发出了警告,北京、上海等一线城市房价去年上涨了30%左右。
        As a result, local governments launched restrictions on house purchases last October.        其结果是,地方政府去年10月纷纷推出限购措施。
        But a surprise surge in property sales since the start of the year has led analysts to warn that a bubble could still be looming.        但今年初以来房地产销售出人意料地火爆,使得分析师们警告称,泡沫可能仍在逼近。
        “Policymakers are still worried,” said Jonas Short, head of the Beijing office of NSBO China, an investment bank. “Beijing is the bellwether for property policy, so the fresh attempts to tighten the market suggest other areas will follow suit.”        “政策制定者仍忧心忡忡,”投行蓝橡资本中国(NSBO China)北京代表处负责人乔纳斯•肖特(Jonas Short)表示,“北京是房地产政策的风向标,因此,收紧房地产市场的新尝试意味着其他地区将会随之跟进。”
        Although Beijing’s market has been flat for the past four months, prices of residential property were still up 24 per cent year on year in February, the latest month for which data are available.        虽然北京市场的销售在过去四个月持平,但今年2月(可获得数据的最近月份),住宅价格同比仍上涨24%。
        Over the country as a whole, the total value of residential housing sold rose 26 per cent in January and February compared with the same two months last year.        从全国整体看,今年1月和2月的住宅销售总值同比增长26%。
        The advertising crackdown follows a series of policies from the Beijing city government over the past month. Of these, an increase in mortgage rates will have the most significant impact on the market, according to Mr Short.        在此次严查违规房地产广告之前,北京市政府在过去一个月已经出台了一系列调控政策。肖特表示,其中,提高抵押贷款利率对房地产市场造成的影响将最为显著。
        Estate agents have also been warned not to offer buyers ways of getting around purchase restrictions. State television interviewed one Shanghai agent who had married (and later divorced) four clients so they could obtain a Shanghai household registration document, or hukou , making it easier for them to buy houses in the city.        房地产经纪人也被警告不得向购房者提供避开限购政策的办法。官方电视台采访了上海的一名经纪人,他曾先后与4名客户结婚(后又离婚),让客户借此获得上海户口,更加便利他们在上海购房。
        On Monday, the Beijing city government put an end to the practice of using “corridor houses” — uninhabitable apartments the size of garden sheds — to get children into Beijing schools. Such houses were bought purely to obtain the housing certificate required to enrol children without a Beijing hukou into local schools, or as investments to be sold on.        周一,北京市政府终止了利用“过道房屋”——花园棚舍大小、无法居住的棚屋——作为学区房获取入学资格的做法。购买此类房屋纯粹是为了让没有北京户口的儿童获得入学当地学校的资格,或者作为以后可以转手卖出的投资。
        Agents have been warned not to promise to get clients’ children into local schools.        房地产经纪人已被警告,不得承诺帮客户子女入学当地学校。
        Local governments have long battled unscrupulous agents in China’s fast-moving property market. Last September the Shanghai police detained seven people for spreading false rumours that more tightening measures would soon come — a way of getting panicked buyers to snap up houses in those areas.         在中国快速发展的房地产市场,地方政府长期以来一直在与不择手段的房地产经纪人过招。去年9月,上海警方拘留了7名散布谣言称该市将推出更多限购措施的人士,他们企图通过这种方式让惶恐不安的购房者抢购房源。
        Additional reporting by Xinning Liu        刘心宁补充报道

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