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Trump sends dollar down with warning buck too high

来源:FT中文网    2017-04-13 13:29

        President Donald Trump triggered a slide in the US dollar as he complained the currency has risen too high — in part because of what he said was confidence in his own presidency.         美国总统唐纳德•特朗普(Donald Trump)抱怨美元已经涨得太高,此言导致美元应声下滑。据他所称,美元涨得太高部分是因为人们对他的任期有信心。
        Commenting just days before gatherings of finance ministers from around the world in Washington,        几天后世界各国财长将齐聚华盛顿开会,在此之际特朗普还透露了一个重大的政策转变,他表示,美国政府不会把中国列为“汇率操纵国”。
        Mr Trump also revealed a major policy U-turn as he said that the US government would not label China a currency manipulator.         在接受《华尔街日报》(Wall Street Journal)采访时,特朗普拒绝完全排除再次任命珍妮特•耶伦(Janet Yellen)为美联储(Fed)主席的可能性,尽管他在竞选中曾承诺不会给她第二个任期。
        In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Mr Trump declined to shut down the possibility of re-nominating Janet Yellen as chair of the Federal Reserve despite campaign pledges not to offer her a second term.         特朗普以前谈及将采取哪些措施解决美国贸易逆差及振兴国内制造业时,表达过对美元汇率水平的担忧。他关于美元汇率的坦率言论与美国传统上奉行的“强势美元”政策背道而驰,令人担心美国可能推行一种更加激进的汇率外交策略。
        Mr Trump has previously expressed concern about the level of the dollar as he discusses measures aimed at tackling the US trade deficit and bolstering manufacturing within the US. His blunt words on the currency have clashed with America’s traditional “strong dollar” policy and triggered concerns that the US could pursue a more aggressive approach to foreign exchange diplomacy.         在这次采访中,特朗普说道:“我想我们的美元正变得过于强劲,这部分是我的错,因为人们对我有信心。但那会造成损害——最终是会造成损害的。”
        In the interview Mr Trump said: “I think our dollar is getting too strong, and partially that’s my fault because people have confidence in me. But that’s hurting — that will hurt ultimately.”         他说:“嗯,强势美元很有一些好处,但通常来说,它最好的地方就是听上去很好……当你有一个强势美元,而其他国家正将他们的货币贬值,你就很难、很难与人竞争。”
        He added: “Look, there’s some very good things about a strong dollar, but usually speaking the best thing about it is that it sounds good . . . It’s very, very hard to compete when you have a strong dollar and other countries are devaluing their currency.”         特朗普表示,他已经改变了对中国管理人民币方式的看法。而几周前他还说北京是汇率操纵的“总冠军”。在整个竞选期间,他也一直威胁要在上任头一天就正式将中国列为汇率操纵国。
        Mr Trump added that he had changed his mind on China’s management of the renminbi, despite saying just weeks ago that Beijing was the “grand champion” of currency manipulation. He also threatened throughout his campaign to officially label China a manipulator on day one of his presidency.         如今他说:“他们不是汇率操纵者。”
        “They’re not currency manipulators,” he said.         而他这番大转弯之后,预计美国财政部过几天就将发布特朗普上台以来的首份每年两次的汇率报告。
        The stark change in his language comes just days before the US Treasury is expected to come out with the first twice-yearly currency report of his administration.         特朗普表示,他之所以改变对中国的看法,是因为中国最近几个月没有在操纵人民币汇率,而且他不想因此影响有关朝鲜的谈判。
        The president said he had changed his mind on China because it had not been manipulating its currency for months and because he did not want to hurt discussions over North Korea.         美国财政部前驻华特使杜大伟(David Dollar)表示,特朗普似乎还在是承认,将中国列为汇率操纵国根本没有道理。
        But David Dollar, a former US Treasury representative in China, said Mr Trump also seemed to be conceding that the case simply was not there.         杜大伟表示:“我认为,这是非常积极的进展,因为很多分析人士都指出,中国没有通过干预促使人民币贬值。中国实际上在通过干预支撑人民币汇率留在高位。
        “I think it’s a very positive development because a lot of analysts have been pointing out that China has not been intervening to keep their currency down. China has actually been intervening to keep their currency high,” he said.        “把中国称作汇率操纵国没有真正有力的事实依据。因此这似乎像是在承认事实。”
        “There was not really a good factual basis for calling China a currency manipulator. So this seems like a recognition of reality.”        布鲁金斯学会(Brookings Institution)高级研究员埃斯瓦尔•普拉萨德(Eswar Prasad)表示:“特朗普正向经济现实屈服,他不再指责中国操纵汇率。同时,他正提醒中国和美国的其他主要贸易伙伴注意,如果他们与美国的双边贸易顺差没有逐渐缩窄,他就会找他们的麻烦。”
        Eswar Prasad, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, said: “Mr Trump is bowing to economic reality by holding back on invoking the currency manipulation charge against China. At the same time, he is putting China and America’s other major trading partners on notice that he will take them to task if their bilateral trade surpluses with the US don’t shrink over time.”        他补充称:“这是颇为不同寻常的,一位美国总统竟然明确把美元价值与其政府政策联系在一起,还暗示他希望美元朝着什么方向波动。”
        He added: “It is rather extraordinary for an American president to explicitly link the value of the dollar to his administration’s policies and to indicate what direction he’d like the dollar to move in.”        特朗普曾在美国大选期间表示,他不会让耶伦连任。但特朗普周三表示,“现在还为时过早”,他还表示她“并没完蛋”。特朗普说他“很有可能”不会让她连任,还说他喜欢“低利率政策,我必须老实地告诉你们”。
        Mr Trump said during the campaign that he would not reappoint Ms Yellen to a second term. But the president said on Wednesday that “it’s very early” and that she was “not toast”. He said he would “most likely” not offer her a second term, adding that he liked a “low-interest rate policy, I must be honest with you”.         特朗普有关美联储和利率的言论可能会减弱外界的如下猜测:特朗普将任命一位利率鹰派人士担任美联储主席。在美国大选期间,他曾强烈批评耶伦的低利率政策,但自从就任以来,他领导的美国政府放弃了对美联储的批评。
        The comments on the Fed and rates may dampen speculation that Mr Trump is set upon appointing interest rate hawks to the US central bank. During the campaign he was highly critical of Ms Yellen’s low-rate policies, but since the election his administration has dropped its criticisms of the Fed.         译者/何黎

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